The ICENI Centre

The ICENI Centre is a joint venture between Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust and Anglia Ruskin University which since 2011 has been housed in a purpose built Research and Education Centre. The history of minimally Invasive Surgical Research and Education in Colchester stretches back more than twenty years to the pioneering days of laparoscopic surgery and the influence of the ICENI can be seen widely across the Eastern region and beyond as a large number of surgeons have benefitted from the training provided. The ICENI Centre now acts as a focus for surgical research and training throughout the Eastern region in conjunction with our partner hospitals within the Anglia Ruskin postgraduate medical community.

Professor Roger Motson, Mr Tan Arulampalam, Directors of the ICENI Centre

Professor Roger Motson &
Professor Roger Motson, Mr Tan Arulampalam

Professor Roger Motson, Director of the ICENI Centre

Professor Motson was one of the pioneers in Laparoscopic Surgery in the UK. He has been involved in all aspects of advanced Laparoscopic Surgery since 1989 and established one of the first training courses in 1992.

‘It is my pleasure to welcome you to the ICENI Centre. Our educational courses are continually developed to reflect the current position in each subject area and to provide delegates with a sound knowledge base.’

Meet the ICENI Centre Faculty